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EquiFile FTP Client / Website Synchronizer
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February 2009

EquiFile is a utility for webmasters who design and develop websites.

Download EquiFile and try for 30 days free. Register EquiFile for only $3.
Nag dialog after 30 days, but still fully functional.

No more changing directories.
No more hunting for modified files.
No more forgetting to upload that "one other file."

EquiFile keeps track of all file changes for you, updating instantly. It doesn't need to be running when you edit your files. EquiFile will find the modified files when you launch it and change it's icons to show you exactly which files need to be uploaded or downloaded.

screen shot screen shot

When you're ready to transfer, queue All files at once and click the Transfer Now button. Then just watch EquiFile walk the directories highlighting each file as it transfers them.

"Absolutely one of the best tools in my arsenal. This tool has saved me six to eight hours a week! Finally an FTP client that does the thinking for me....! This should be a part of any webmasters toolbox, wait til the Macromedia forum gets wind of this!"
Randy Krohn, Finishline Productions, webmaster for www.dragboats.com
EquiFile Alpha tester for over a year.

Current version limitations:
Designed for small to medium size websites - 12,000 files max
Help file is undergoing revision
No firewall support
No secure (ftps) transfer support

The help file should be finished by July 1, 2003
Future versions will, soon, handle larger websites, firewalls and secure transfers. All version upgrades are free.

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EquiFile FTP Client / Website Synchronizer
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