32 Bit CRC Text Calculation

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32 Bit CRC File Calculation
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March 2011

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Use this utility to verify Cyclic Redundancy Check numbers for single characters or text strings. Very handy when troubleshooting your own program. The C++ source code demonstrates a minimal implementation of the CRC-32 algorithm. Companion to the CRC File Calculation program.
Note: Click on the ClipTrak link at the bottom of this page for another free program and source code that makes extensive use of CRC-32.

No installer. The ZIP contains a single executable file that runs from any directory. It makes no Registry entries and spawns no other files.

Delete the executable file.

Download the program:
icon CRCtext.zip (57,298 bytes)

Download the source code:
CRCT_src.zip (13,388 bytes)
(MSVC++ v6.0 w/MFC; generic .MAK included)

View selected source code files online:

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32 Bit CRC Text Calculation
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