How to Verify CRC-32 Numbers

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March 2011

Free Utilities at this Website:
32 Bit CRC File Calculation program and C++ source code.
32 Bit CRC Text Calculation program and C++ source code.
Note: Click on the ClipTrak link at the bottom of this page for another free program and source code that makes extensive use of CRC-32.

Alternate Method:
Open WinZip, click the "Options" menu item and select "Configuration."  On the "View" tabbed page, check the CRC check box.  This will add a CRC column to WinZip's file list. Since we can safely assume that WinZip always calculates the correct CRC-32, any text that you save as a file and drop into WinZip, can be used to verify your own CRC calculation.

Test CRC numbers:
= 60c1d0a0
resumé = 84cf1fab

The character codes for each letter in the word "resume" are all equal to or less than 127, (hex 7f).  The character code for the accented "e" in the word "resumé" is greater than 127.  If your source code produces the correct CRC for the first example, but an incorrect CRC for the second example, then chances are you are not using unsigned variables consistently.  For instance, referring to the source code page, you can not use a variable of type LONG, it must be a ULONG.  Likewise, you can not use a variable of type char, it must be an unsigned char.  Use of signed variables, such as int, LONG, or char, introduce high bits into the CRC algorithm where low bits are required.

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How to Verify CRC-32 Numbers
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