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How to Install Power Toys (TweakUI) and Kernel PowerToys
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March 2011

The most current download links and tips about installing Power Toys (Tweak UI) and Kernel Power Toys for Windows 95 and 98 are shown below. Note that the Win95 Toys work reasonably well on Win98. That's important because Microsoft has pulled the Power Toys files for Win98 due to incompatibilities with MSIE 5.x.

Tweak UI 2000:
Historically the main "Toy" included in the PowerToys utility collection, the latest version Tweak UI 1.33, supercedes all previous versions. It runs on all 32 bit Windows operating systems, including Windows 95, NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, and Windows Me. I doubt that it's compatible with XP, so don't even try.

Be sure to uninstall any previous version before installing this new one (Check Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs).

Download Tweak UI 1.33 (111 KB)

Windows 98:
There are two versions of Windows 98, (original), and Windows 98 SE, (Second Edition). The first came with Internet Explorer 4.0 and the Power Toys files were included on the Win98 CD in a folder named \Tools\Reskit\Powertoy. The Second Edition came with MSIE 5.0 and there are no Power Toys files on the CD. Currently there are no downloadable Win98 Power Toys at the Microsoft website.

Here's an informative link, The many Things You can Do With Tweakui.

Other than the Tweak UI utility, I don't know that there are any differences between the Win95 and Win98 Toys. Since you probably shouldn't run Tweak UI 98 with MSIE 5.0, you may be better off installing the Win95 Toys as described below.

Windows 95:
Both W95powertoy.exe and W95krnltoys.exe are self extracting ZIP files, and thus, will decompress their files into whatever directory they are located. This can be a problem if you double click on the EXE file before placing it in an empty directory. I prefer to rename them with the ZIP extension, so that I don't inadvertently spill files into the wrong directory, should I forget. Once they have the ZIP extension you can treat them like any other ZIP file and use a program like WinZip or PKZip to inspect their contents and extract them into a directory of your choice. After extracting the files, the programs are installed with Setup Information Files called inffile in the Registry and having the INF extension.  To perform an install with an INF file, use Explorer and right click on the INF file. You should get a pop up context menu with the Install option which you select with the left mouse button. Should you not see the Install option, then run the Registry file, shown at the bottom of this page, in order to reestablish the inffile association. Curiously, Tweak UI can repair the inffile association, but you have to be able to install Tweak UI first!

Note that the Setup Information Files may not recognize directory names that contain a space, such as, C:\Program Files\Power Toys. If you choose to extract the Toys files to such a directory, you will get a prompt asking for a floppy disk. In that event, simply use the browse button to show Setup which directory the files are in.

During the Tweak UI installation, a help window will open and you will need to close the window, after reading it, to complete the install.

Microsoft doesn't recommend running these on Windows 98 or on the original version of Windows 95, prior to OSR 2, but I haven't had any problems. Please email me if you find any compatibility issues.

Sorry, these links are broken

Note, PowerToys contains an older version of Tweak UI that you should replace with the latest version at the top of this page.
Download Power Toys (209 KB) for Windows 95

Download Kernel Power Toys (57 KB) for Windows 95

To reestablish the inffile association:
If your Windows directory is C:\Windows, download Inffile.zip (327 bytes), unzip and double-click on Inffile.reg. Otherwise, follow these instructions.

Copy the following lines into Notepad and save as Inffile.reg. The first line must be REGEDIT4 and the second line must be blank. If your windows directory path is not C:\Windows, then modify the three lines below accordingly. Don't wrap lines, each line after the first must begin with either [ or @. The double backslashes are required.  Before saving the file, add a blank line to the end. IOW, go to the end of the last line and press Enter, so that the cursor drops to the next line. Once the file is saved, simply double click on it.

---------------------- copy below and save as Inffile.reg


@="Setup Information"





@="C:\\WINDOWS\\rundll.exe setupx.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 %1"

---------------------- copy above

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